Ta-da, the end is near!

This is it.  The final week’s assignments. I hope that you’ve learned some Python, made some friends and enjoyed hanging with me. This is not really the end though, because I will be still in our discussion forums hanging and talking to everyone. I really want to know how the final project goes for you and the people who work with you, and also how you see life, now that you know how to write a computer program.


This week I have no particular chapter for you to read, but of course you can always finish the readings that we left out from How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

Trying it out

We only have two more units left to do at Codecademy. Units File Input and Output and Advanced topics in Python. Sounds interesting.


This is it, the final project:

Let’s work on the rest of the sections of the Final Project (Tetris).

Yes, that’s it.  When we’ve done that, we’re done.  But fear not – I am not going anywhere, so neither should you. If you are running behind a little, take your time.  If you are done, feel free to hang with us at the forums and continue to help out other learners, for now you are a true Pythonista. Good job!

Thanks for joining me for this leap into a mechanical world – my world. I can’t wait to see how you will evolve into righteous software engineer and please don’t be a stranger. I want to hear all about how things are going in your life.

moocie face
–Your mechanical friend MOOC-E

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