Organize a study group in your town

Because adding a layer of social support around the course will lead to awesome learning opportunities for you and the people in your local community!

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Can I host a study group, even if I’m not an educator?

Sure! Many times the best teacher is someone who is learning together with you. You don’t need to dig into any learning theory. What we believe is that you learn better and enjoy learning a lot more when:

  • you feel like you belong in the community
  • you feel like it’s possible to learn the subject matter
  • you know that more effort translates to more success
  • you understand why what you are learning is useful for you

I don’t know any Python or computer programming, can I still organize a study group?

Of course! Your role as facilitator of the group is to coordinate the members and to get conversations started, not to be the teacher.

Where should we meet?

If you don’t have a space in mind, you may consider asking your local library, a school with a computer lab or any place that works for the people in your study group.

How long should study group sessions be?

We’ve found that an hour and a half per week strikes a good balance between having enough time to do something meaningful, but not being too long for participants.

What should we do during the sessions?

We encourage you to engage in activities that complements the existing course. For example, some of the activities that we find useful are:

  • discussing the content in the course
  • working on projects/assignments together

OK, I am in. Do you have any tips?

We have prepared some tips on how to form your weekly meetings and how to start a conversation around the course topic and to keep it on track. You can download the full version here.


If you have any questions that we have not answered here, or if you just wish to let us know that there is such a study group happening in your town, please come by our online community space, where the conversations about organizing a study group are happening.